• Møbel x The Upcycl

While we always encourage prolonging the use-phase of the product, we also focus on prolonging the use-phase of the materials used for the products and from production. Therefore, back in 2020 we started working with The Upcycl: a sustainable society that connects companies and their resources, in order to accelerate the circular use of materials and in order to avoid waste from production.
While this allows us to experiment with using upcycled materials for production, this also allows us to pass along waste materials to The Upcycl if needed, in order to minimize waste stream by giving it a new life at a different company instead of ending up as trash. In this way, multiple companies can benefit from the ressources.
Some of the work developed in collaboration with The Upcycl was exhibited at the Circular Furniture Exhibition in Copenhagen during 3daysofdesign.