• Materials

When choosing materials, we are always very selective and considerate. We take the following into account: Where do the materials come from? How strong and solid are they? This is an important aspect of the longe-livity of the product they are used for. Lastly how are the materials treated during production – with or without chemicals?
We use a large variety of different materials for our designs: we use clay, since it is a natural material with very little need to be produced. It only needs to be burnt. We use wood, preferably FSC certified, as it is a strong solid material that can last for decades and extend both private and contract use. In general, we always strive to use strong, natural materials of the highest quality and be careful and thoughtful when selecting. For the past years, we have been working especially with steel, since it is one of the main materials for our bestseller collection, the Font collection.
We use steel, since it is an eco-friendly material for many reasons: It is endlessly recyclable and there is relatively little energy used to produce it. At the same time, the waste it produces is reusable. It is a strong and solid material that can last for centuries. By using steel as a material and polishing it by hand, it is both environmentally and socially beneficial.
Each piece of steel used for the Font collection is always polished by hand when choosing the mirror polished finish. By hand polishing the steel, we avoid the use of toxic chrome during the production. Polishing by hand is a time consuming process where five different tools are used to treat the surface. While this process extends the overall production time, it will remain a priority.
As something new, we started working with upcycling steel for the Font collection. This means that we use steel that is waste from other productions. In 2021 we produced the first ever product in upcycled steel for an exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen