• Design Criterias

When designing a new product we always thrive to come up with a product that can last for centuries in every aspect of the process, in order to serve its purpose for as long as possible. For this to happen, the product is always a combination of high quality materials, a good solid construction and a timeless design, which together makes it possible to pass down the product for generations.
By focusing on this, we make it possible for the customer to buy better products and keep the products in use for a long time. For most Møbel designs the furniture components can easily be changed and replaced. If a stain or another defect should occur to the product, it is only the furniture component that will need replacement, not the entire product. We always aim to prolong the use-phase of the product.
At the same time, the look of the design can be changed throughout the years, since the components can easily be replaced to another preferred component. By offering this possibility, we try to encourage the customer to only change one furniture component, rather than disposal of the entire product.