• “Circular Furniture Days”

In 2021 we were selected by Lifestyle & Design Cluster to exhibit in the “Circular Furniture Days’’ exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark as part of 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. The aim of the exhibition was to raise attention towards the following question:

How can Danish design go hand in hand with the challenge we face
regarding the climate and scare resources?

Along with 27 other brands and upcoming designers and artists, we showcased how we work with circular furniture design for the following collections: Font, Angel and Pair side tables – each with a focus on the materials used for the design.

For Font, we made the first ever version with upcycled steel specially for the exhibition. The outcome of a collaboration with The Upcycl, who helped us find the upcycled steel. While this was the first example, we are working towards implementing this as a standard option. For the upholstery we chose a sustainable textile made from 100% wool, Molly
from Kvadrat, in order to be considerate of every aspect of the composition of the lounge chair.
From the Pair side tables, we exhibited the ceramic piece. The table is an upscale large version of a ceramic pot. Ceramic is a natural material which allows us to go back to old production techniques and to stick to the idea of honest design. By using natural minerals, such as clay, it was possible to create a beautiful and minimalistic, yet sustainable product.

For Angel, the focus was approaches to design. The Angel stools are the perfect example of efficient use of eco-design strategies: they are made of one single material, which not only makes it easy to recycle and minimize the number of links in the supply chain but also responds to the minimalistic design aesthetics and values we hold. The Angel stools exemplifies our vision of creating furniture with great durability and quality by prolonging the use phase of the product’s life cycle resulting in an overall reduced environmental impact of the product.