• Circular Furniture Days

  • 2021
  • Copenhagen

We were selected to participate in “Circular Furniture Days” by Lifestyle & Design Cluster. The aim of the exhibition was to raise the following question: How can Danish design go hand in hand with the challenge we face regarding the climate and scare resources? 27 different brands and upcoming designers and artists showcased how they worked with circular furniture design. “Circular Furniture Days” was held at Design Museum Denmark during 3daysofdesign in 2021.

We presented our take on sustainable design for 3 designs: Font, Angel and Pair – Each with a focus on the materials used. For Font, we made the first version with upcycled steel specially for the exhibition. While the Angel stool sparked some conversations about how it is made from a single materiale and different approaches to design.

While we are still learning and growing, we would like to bring you along through every step we take towards a more sustainable future.