#6 Principles we follow

At Møbel, we are working towards a better environmental profile through the implementation of a long-term sustainable business model developed in collaboration with a Danish advisory company. We follow this approach in every step we take from the materials we choose down to which partners we work with. While we are still learning and growing, we would like to bring you along through every step we take towards a more sustainable future.
We follow these #6 principles to better our performance, environmentally, economically and socially.
#1 – Great design with the potential to last a lifetime
By creating iconic designs and high quality products, we believe that we can contribute to less resource consumption long-term. When prolonging the use phase of the product life cycle, the need for new products with the same functionality becomes unnecessary.
#2 Equal focus on the economical, social and environmental bottom line
As a company we influence the environment, our employees, partners and manufacturers – positively and negatively. We should strive towards positive impact, not only through our products but also through our company values.
#3 Create partnerships 
Create partnerships where value is achieved both ways. By creating partnerships we should be able to achieve things we are not able to achieve on our own. Examples are partnerships with Zeal, The Upcycl, designers and suppliers.
#4 Design for durability, disassembly and recyclability
Designing for durability has a direct correlation to principle #1, and is part of prolonging the product’s use-phase. Recycling and repair of our products can be facilitated by making the products easily separable.
#5 Use responsible production and logistics 
We ensure that our products are manufactured under responsible production standards and that we produce most of our products inside the borders of Europe to reduce transport distance to the majority of our customers. We always flat pack when possible to minimize the impact of transportation and storage.
#6 Seize every opportunity to do better
As the focus on sustainable takes increases every day, we aim to stay updated, experience and be open to every new way of improving our imprint.