• At a local Ceramic manufacturer

  • 2019
  • Portugal

We invite you inside a local ceramic manufacturer in Portugal. In the factory each edition of  The Pair ceramic piece is uniquely handcrafted from clay. The side table is an upscale large version of a ceramic pot, which was the source of inspiration when Danish architect David Thulstrup designed the table back in 2019. After being formed the clay gets burned at a kiln, which is a sort of oven, just like a ceramic pot is. When the clay is burned it gets a high gloss glaze finish which is sprayed upon the clay. It is a unique process which means each ceramic piece turns out unique. During the process, streaks and pinholes occur and create an irregular surface that guarantees limitless combinations of textures and surfaces with an appealing graphic effect.
The ceramic piece is paired with a metal table, which differs from the genetic idea of a standalone table, hence the name, The Pair. The combination creates a strong contrast of solid materials, colours and surfaces.
This was not the only time David Thulstrup decided to explore the beauty of glazing techniques, he went on to do the same with our recently launched low coffee table, Tile.