• 3daysofdesign 2024

  • 2024
  • Copenhagen

Descend into the world of Møbel Copenhagen.
In a bold move, we leave the beautiful, grande Copenhagen showrooms behind and go underground for this year’s 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen.
Spanning across more than 400m2, the exhibition invites you into three mesmerizing universes, curated by fashion stylist and art director  Anders Sølvsten Thomsen
A stunning world of prime colours, a pure interplay of form and color. A Wes-Anderson-like setting where our latest design plays the main role. Immerse yourself into an evocative installation, fully blurring the lines between art and design.
Experience the unconventional journey of Anders Sølvsten Thomsen, a stylist who defies expectations. From late beginnings in fashion to assisting industry giants, Anders’ path to success is as unique as his style. Now, witness his daring debut in the world of styling design furniture, marking a bold new chapter in his diverse career.
Come by to experience this for yourself. To see newly-launched designs. And to explore the endless possibilities a Møbel Copenhagen design offers for creating spaces.