Pair M ceramic

Designed by David Thulstrup

490,00(VAT not included)

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Ø 37 cm, H 30 cm


Pair M ceramic piece is a side table uniquely handcrafted from clay, designed by David Thulstrup. It is produced at a local ceramic pot manufacturer in Portugal, where the clay gets burned in a kiln and afterwards glazed. While the process is time consuming and requires an advanced technique, it is essential in order to achieve the unique and appealing design of the Pair Ceramic table.
The Pair side table series consists of two tables with one overlapping the other. The ceramic piece is a compact lower base inspired by a ceramic pot, and can be combined with a higher over lapping table with a slenderer look. The overlap creates a storage on the base table, but if desired the base table can also be placed besides the higher table providing an additional surface. By designing two objects that could interact with each other (or not), designer David Thulstrup wanted to give to the user the possibility and the freedom of recreating different settings combinations.