• Savoy Terrasse

  • 2022
  • Frederiksstad, Norway

It’s summer all year long at Savoy Terrasse. Step inside a modern restaurant that will make you feel like it’s the summer the moment you enter. The mixture of fresh and bright colours combined with green plants, floor to ceiling windows and a large rooftop terrace gives the space its summer atmosphere.
Among the colourful interior architecture, the Font bar armstools are installed for seating in a fresh red colour and contrasting black frame. The combination of fabric and frame was specified for the project in order to achieve the right expression following the concept of the restaurant – summer atmosphere all year around.
Savoy Terrasse is located on top of the literature house in Frederiksstad, Norway. A recent project by Ørseng Interiørarkitektur.
Photos by Carlos Rollán Usero.