• Angel stool by Gry Holmskov

With an educational background in architecture and cabinetmaking, today Gry Holmskov works within the field of furniture and product design. Inside her creative studio in Copenhagen she designed the Angel stool. 

Angel stool is created by relating to the sculptural shapes of the human body. The design is elegant, classic and timeless. The soft, organic language of shape stands in contrast to the solid, hard metal rod“ 

Angel stool is at once a beautiful, sculptural object while also functioning as a stool for seating. The seat is supported by a fanned out base, which makes it possible to have the legs and feet placed in a more comfortable angle underneath the seat. The name refers to the expressions made by the shadows of the design who creates an angel with the wings widely spread.

When creating the Angel stool, Gry managed to come up with a design that is a perfect example of efficient use of eco-design strategies: it is made of one single material, which makes it easy to recycle and minimizes the number of links in the supply chain. It exemplifies Møbel’s vision of creating furniture with great durability and quality. By prolonging the use phase of the designs life cycle it results in an overall reduced environmental impact.

While the Angel stool was the first design within the collection, it was later expanded by the Angel table and a higher version of the stool that functions as a bar stool. Visit Angel stool.