• PAIR L side tables

  • Designed by David Thulstrup

The Pair L side tables in ochre. The ceramic piece is uniquely handcrafted from clay. After the table is burnt, the clay gets a high gloss glaze finish. During the process, pinholes streaks and other variations occur and create an irregular surface which will guarantee a limitless combination of surfaces and textures with an appealing graphical effect.  The ceramic table is an upscale large version of a ceramic pot which also was the source of inspiration. Designed by David Thulstrup for Møbel Copenhagen.

The ceramic piece is paired with a metal table, which differs from the generic idea of a standalone lounge table, hence the name. The combination creates a strong contrast of solid materials, colors and surfaces. The side tables can stand alone or be combined together as a pair. Pair L side tables in ochre offers two selections of the metal table. Sandblasted steel for a color contrast or ochre to keep the pair in tone in tone color.

The two paired tables are made respectively of ceramic and metal, two different and honest materials which work unexpectedly well together. The soft and glossy ceramic creates an interesting contrast with the cold matt metal. The void of one attracts the plain of the other, as if they were co-dependent objects meant to be together. The base table can be placed either beside the higher table, providing an additional surface, or to create storage in between. The care instructions can be found under profile.


Metal table: Ø61 cm, H 35 cm
Ceramic table: Ø52 cm, H 20 cm