• ANGEL Stool

  • Designed by Gry Holmskov

Angel stool in white is a sculptural stool with a poetic shape evoking an angel with its wings widely spread. It consists of a minimalistic seat and a base of steel rods. It is a decorative yet comfortable piece. Angel can be used as either a stool or a freestanding, agile, sculptural object to decorate. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoors use. Angel stool in white is also available in a higher version that functions as a bar stool. The designer, Gry Holmskov, later designed a light minimalist side table that compliments the Angel stool and bar stool.

Angel is the perfect example of sustainable design. By using steel, a strong and solid material, for the base and combining it with a classic design, the use phase is prolonged. At the same time, the stool is made from a single material, which reduces the number of links in the supply chain. This also makes it easy to recycle. To read more about the designer, the design philosophy and the sustainable aspect, visit our stories section.
The selection of colors available for the Angel stool spans from a colorful and bright yellow to more subtle colors such as galvanized, marine blue and black.



W 45 cm, D 26 cm, H 46 cm (Seat height 42 cm)